who we are

A fire driven kitchen

DANTE is “Brasa y Fuego”, “Fire and Coal”. These elements drive our kitchen, and keep our food honest and savory. From our Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie, to our Hearts of Lettuce, and each of our finest cuts, or catch of the day, nothing gets past our charcoal oven grill broiler. Chef Dante Ferrero’s passion is quality and taste.
DANTE Brasa y fuego - Coal-fired sprouts

Less frying,
more firing

A healthier take on food

Is it the best place to eat meat?
Yes, but wait until you taste our Aguachile.
Are we a Mexican Restaurant?
That too, but we also serve the best Argentinian empanadas.
So, are we a Steakhouse?
We could be, but we’re much more.
Is it a fine dining restaurant? Yes, but not that stiff.
Is it a good place for doing business? Yes, but also for spending a pleasant, long evening with friends.
Is it fun and happening? Yes, but above all, it is delicious.

So it is not surprising that within the few months after the opening, it became the most recommended restaurant in Mexico City by word of mouth.

You won’t find other places with our cured selection of meat, seafood, and produce, all sourced from carefully selected local and international purveyors.

Be prepared for silence when you ask your waiter for his or her favorite dish… because they all are!
DANTE Brasa y fuego - Restaurant interiors
“Once the fire catches you, it won’t let go.”
- Dante Ferrero


Dante was born in Argentina and has spent more that 20 years in Mexico. Meat is his passion and he is a real authority in the industry, so his nickname “The Guru of meat” is more than well deserved. He created Neuquén and Alodé, two awarded restaurants in Monterrey, Mexico. Even with his tight schedule, he has managed to collaborate seasonally with Enrique Olvera at Pujol, with Massimo Bottura at Osteria Francescana and with Juan Mari Arzak at Arzak.

If you ask gourmets and food experts, they will definitely tell you about his open-fire whole-cow cooking celebration in the most over-the-top and primal way, in food festivals around the world. So it’s no wonder he has studied every cut possible, His latest success is bringing Dante Brasa y Fuego to life, giving his own well known flavor to each dish.
DANTE Brasa y fuego - Chef Dante Ferrero
DANTE Brasa y fuego - Restaurant facade
DANTE Brasa y fuego - Restaurant interiors